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Basic Activewear Essentials
Shop your workout wardrobe essentials with AJE ATHLETICA. Classic designs with embossed A.A. logo, cross back sports bras, high rise leggings, knitted tanks, windbreaker jackets.
Pair your classic gym wear with AJE ATHLETICA Outerwear to complete the look.
An activewear brand designed through the lens of Australian fashion house Aje, AJE ATHLETICA is designed to enrich physical performance and support personal well-being.
Sustainable in origin and available in size 4-18, each AJE ATHLETICA collection encompasses 70% consciously-sourced materials, recognising that the balance between humanity and planet Earth is the ultimate in wellness.
The design DNA of Aje has been translated by co-founders Adrian Norris and Edwina Forest into a unique, functional and stylish athletic wear, emphasising performance and wellness above all else.