Get To Know | Fleur and Christine Egan On Style, Motherhood and Their Go-to Workouts

Effortless. Cool. Charismatic. Three words that accurately describe top stylist and TV presenter Fleur Egan and her mother Christine.

The faces of our Mother's Day 23 campaign and dressed in all A.A–naturally—we caught up the duo on the set in Sydney, Australia for a quick-fire conversation on all things motherhood, style and their favourite ways to move. 

Keep reading for our conversation with the faces of our Mother's Day 23 campaign, Fleur and Christine. 

What is your favourite piece to steal from your the other's wardrobe?

Fleur: I’d say my mum’s jewellery.

Christine: I have my eye on Fleur’s vintage YSL pinstripe suit.

What is your favourite fashion memory with your mum/daughter?

Fleur: All of my mum’s wardrobe in the 90s and watching her throw cocktail parties with her friends all wearing oversized earrings and shoulder pads. I was obsessed with the glamour.

Christine: When Fleur first found her interest in styling, and she would offer to dress me.

Describe motherhood in 3 words…

Fleur: Challenging, rewarding, calming.

Christine: Protective, loving, caring.

Describe each other in 3 words…

Fleur: Christine is kind, elegant and patient.

Christine: Fleur is passionate, determined and caring.

What are your main differences and similarities?

Fleur: I think we are both kind, caring and creative, but mum is much calmer than I am—my husband calls me 'fire ant' in Indian [sic].

Christine: We are both neat and organised, we both love having fun and are mischievous, but I am not as fiery as Fleur can be.

What was your favourite look from the A.A shoot?

Fleur: I love the black shirt with removable sleeves.

Christine: I loved the grey blazer.

What is your favourite form of exercise?

Fleur: I do circuit training and Pilates.

Christine: Yoga.

What is one piece of wisdom, passed down from your mum, that you continue to live by?

Fleur: Just to go for it—you’ve got nothing to lose.

Christine: Think before you speak.