A.A Collective | Bondi Wellness Immersion

To achieve peak performance, AJE ATHLETICA understands the importance of taking the time to slow down and recharge.In celebration of AJE ATHLETICA’s new Bondi Junction sanctuary, an intimate group of A.A Collective guests were invited to a wellness immersion morning, guiding them to appreciate the beauty of slow living.

Greeted at the Bondi Junction sanctuary with the latest collection of AJE ATHLETICA, in an array of sleek black, calming midnight blues and coffee hues, guests including Ashleigh Tavares, Bernadette Fahey, Rey Vakili, Yasmin Suteja, Olivia Suleimon and Victoria Burns were invited to style a head-to-toe look that best reflected their intentions for the day - to use the experience to rest, restore and re-energise.

Slow House Bondi, located moments from the iconic Bondi Beach, followed the in-store experience and hosted guests, offering a relaxing Infrared Sauna Treatment in their state-of-the-art cedarwood space. Harnessing the power of infrared light, the 45 minute treatment allowed guests a remedy to connect with a more balanced version of themselves - helping to detoxify, boost metabolism & immune systems, and achieve glowing skin health.

A transformative yet laid back space, Slow House believes “in living life in a more balanced, meaningful and life-affirming way, making conscious everyday decisions to help decelerate modern life.” Aligned in ethos, AJE ATHLETICA collections encompass 70% consciously sourced materials, recognising that the balance between humanity and planet Earth is the ultimate in wellness.

Yasmin Suteja wears the Cross Back Tennis Mini Dress 805

Anabelle Ussher wears the Zip Front Logotape Sports Bra 319,High Rise Short Bike Short 617 and Signature Logo Sport Socks 903

Burnadette Fahey wears the Corset Crop Top 312 and Mid Length Logo Bike Short 612