Movement is a motivator for Bianca Melas, a Pilates Instructor and Bachelor in Health Science student who aligns her body’s needs to the nourishment of her mental health. Melas’ personal and career mission is to share her realistic rituals from her wellness studio to those seeking inner and outer solace from their fast paced lifestyles. Speaking to the Aje Report on how her Italian upbringing influenced her love for food and cooking, Melas is on a journey to learn more about the natural remedies of food and the untapped possibilities of herbs to support her clients starting from the inside, out.

Melas’ everyday style leans on her activewear pieces that she can take from the studio to the streets. Captured in Double Bay, Sydney by Jess Ruby James, Bianca wears her favourite styles from AJE ATHLETICA, layered with staple puffers and signature AJE ATHLETICA accessories to stand out from the crowd.

Read on to learn more about Bianca’s new online wellness studio, her thoughts on the transformative practice of Pilates and why she’s looking forward to building her career in the fitness industry.

Bianca, tell us about how you integrate your wellness and fitness rituals into your everyday?

Wellness and fitness are very much a part of my everyday life. I work within the fitness industry where my online business is all to do with wellness, whilst I am finishing my Bachelor in Health Science, Naturopathy. I very much live and breathe it! So much so that my wardrobe mainly consists of activewear. I was thrilled when I heard AJE ATHLETICA was being created.

I love implementing wellness rituals throughout my day. I begin every morning with my meditation practice, it sets me up for the day and is one ritual I now can't do without. I love using my gua sha in the mornings on my face, I am obsessed with essential oils and the power they hold in emotional support, I am forever diffusing blends in my apartment. Other rituals that I love are gratitude practices. I usually end my meditation with one or finish my class with them as well. I am also a huge believer in getting in movement during the day! It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, five minutes really makes a difference and my online portal caters to this with movement classes ranging from five to forty minutes.

How do you find personal time to balance your own personal health goals, whilst coaching and leading others on their fitness journey? 

It's important to always carve out time for yourself to refill your cup and recharge. I too have a beautiful naturopath that I see, and other professionals that help me with my goals and health journey. I think this is super important and plays a major role in healing. There is something so transformative and nurturing about a therapeutic relationship and whilst sometimes you think you know enough about health, it’s nice to have others to care for you too! I am also lucky to be surrounded by some amazing women in my industry, we all help to uplift one another and support each other on our goals and journeys.

Your online wellness studio, Balanced by Bianca Melas  offers online workouts based on movement and healing the body. Can you let us know more?

My online studio now has over one hundred and eighty on demand Pilates workouts where you can pick your type of class, intensity, prop and class length. It is a growing platform that is implementing more holistic views on working out with classes categorised to work with your hormones, wellness rituals and tips implemented within your weekly schedule. Upon signing up, members also receive a wellness pack that includes an organic cotton fresh produce bag, calming essential oil roller, resistance bands, a Pilates ball and a seeded welcome card containing parsley seeds. My platform aims to deliver a holistic practice that supports mind, body and soul. 

Growing up in an Italian family, food is at the heart of your upbringing. How did this inform your interest in health science and naturopathy? 

Food is always at the centre of our family conversations! I was very fortunate to be brought up in a family who is passionate about food and cooking. My grandparents both have gardens of their own where they grow their own vegetables and herbs. My Nonna would always share secret tricks to heal minor ailments naturally and I fell in love with the idea that food is truly medicine. My passion for food and desire to help others helped me to discover naturopathy and I became intrigued with the magic of herbs as well as the ability to help nurture and support others in their healing journey. 

“There is something so transformative and nurturing about a

therapeutic relationship and whilst sometimes you think you know

enough about health, it’s nice to have others to care for you too!”

Cropped Puffer Jacket 001

High Rise Bike Shorts 018 + Funnel Neck Fleece Jumper

Yoga Sports Bra 002

What has your education in health science and naturopathy taught you?

My degree has been incredible, and I can't wait to pass on all the wisdom I have learnt to my clients! I have learnt so many amazing things about living a holistic lifestyle and the ways in which we can support ourselves through natural medicine. I think the most important thing that my degree has taught me is that through living a wholesome life, eating a variety of fresh produce with minimal processed foods, movement that fuels your body and soul as well as having a balance between life and work is key to living a healthy lifestyle. 

What do you think the transformative capacity of Pilates is?

Pilates for me is totally transformative in both physical, mental, and emotional aspects. Physically, Pilates can transform your body, creating longer lines through the lengthening of exercises whilst making you super strong. Mentally, I love the way in which it makes you reconnect with your body, building a stronger mind-body connection. Pilates is all about precise alignment to get the most out of your workout, so a connected mind-body is a must. It allows me to also switch off and focus inwards rather than outwards, making it the perfect exercise to complete after a hard day's work or when you feel like you're in a funk. Through movement you’re also able to release stagnant energy, whilst at the same time produce beautiful endorphins, it truly is medicine for the body! 

Balloon Sleeve Crew Neck Jumper

Signature Cap 021, High Crew Neck T-Shirt 010 + Logo Trackpants 015

Long T-Shirt 003 + High Rise Full Length Legging 005

“My Nonna would always share secret tricks to heal minor ailments

naturally and I fell in love with the idea that food is truly medicine.”

Racer Back Sports Bra 013, High Rise Full Length Panelled Legging 020 + Estrange Trench Coat

What recurring health advice do your clients share with you?

To listen intuitively with their bodies! I feel like in today's society we are always on the run, moving through life at a pace that is so fast we forget to check in with ourselves and prioritise rest and self-care. It's important to stay present and connected so we don't enter a fight or flight state, become overly stressed or worse, become run down. 

How do you stay motivated?

My clients are a huge factor. I love creating new flows which consist of a lot of researching and food recipes in order to spoil them and give them the best. My other motivators are attending my colleague's classes and different disciplines like boxing, yin yoga, learning new moves, or hearing them explain an exercise in a new way helps ignite more creativity within me!

What is your favourite piece in AJE ATHLETICA and why?

I am a huge lover of khaki, so I did fall in love with those styles! I do also love the High Rise Full Length Panelled Legging 020 and the Racer Back Sports Bra 013, I think this set is very smart and can totally be worn from studio to office and even into the night.

Talent: Bianca Melas
Photographer: Jess Ruby James
Stylist: Ashton Eramya
Makeup Artist: Tracy Terashima
Hair Artist: Julia Homard