Introducing the A.A Collective

AJE ATHLETICA introduces the A.A Collective; a community at the intersection of fashion, wellness and movement. Where active minds and active lifestyles meet, the A.A Ambassadors are an expansive group of creatives championing a holistic approach to wellbeing; harnessing the regenerative power of creativity in their lifestyles. Creating this strong sense of community, each A.A Ambassador engages with wellness and their surroundings through a sense of belonging via their personal forms of expression and creative fields. Cultural tastemakers, the A.A Collective support those around them both physically and mindfully through their creative spirit, the core ethos of the A.A Collective.

Read on to learn more about the A.A Ambassadors and move with us into a new era of wellbeing.

A.A Ambassador | DJ, Filmmaker and Model, Olivia Suleimon

Olivia Suleimon is a DJ, TV personality and writer who explores individuality and inclusivity in her community through a variety of creative mediums . As a creator, Olivia focuses on genuine experiences in her storytelling to create a community fuelled by open dialogue and mindful connection; which reflects the value system of the A.A Collective. Olivia shares with the Aje Report how her creative language grounds her, as she says "my creative language grounds me as it keeps me sane. It's an outlet for me to express and release my pain and my truth. Creativity is inherent in all of us and it's about staying present enough to be able to access it."

Olivia wears the Knitted Tennis Mini Dress 801.

A.A Ambassador | Choreographer and Groove Therapy Founder, Vanessa Marian

Vanessa Marian, a BAFTA winning dancer and choreographer, champions music and mental health through her dance program Groove Therapy, aiming to make dance accessible to all walks of life. Groove Therapy democratises dance to inspire positive change within the community and empower our most vulnerable. With a mission to create a global culture of dance, Vanessa is an advocate for body positivity and encourages people from all walks of life to connect with their bodies to engage a healthy mind. Vanessa shares her insight with the Aje Report on how movement supports her holistic approach to wellbeing, as she says "it boosts my system with serotonin, endorphins and adrenaline. It offers human connection and belonging within our wonderful community. It’s got cardio, coordination and cognitive benefits. It’s a form of artistic expression. It gets me out of my head and into my body."

Vanessa wears the Signature Embossed Logo Crew Jumper 401 + Logotape Running Shorts 602

A.A Ambassador | Barre Body Founder, Emma Seibold

Emma Seibold is the founder of Barre Body and is one of Australia's most successful fitness entrepreneurs. Emma uses her incredible expertise and passion for teaching to deliver high calibre studio classes in Barre and Pilates to her community. By connecting and inspiring others to define their own goals through mindful movement, Emma helps others create not only physical, but mental strides on their wellness journeys. Emma shares with the Aje Report the importance of harnessing creativity to assist in transforming your wellness journey, as she says "for any practice to stick, it’s crucial that a person feels inspired and transformed, and that’s where creativity comes in. If you are regularly looking to change your routine and try new elements of wellness, you will continue to feel inspired and committed to the practice of change and growth."

Emma wears Classic Logo Sports Bra 303 + Classic Logo Short Bike Shorts 605

A.A Ambassador | Artist, Camille Olsen-Ormandy

Camille Olsen-Ormandy is a Sydney based artist, who focuses on portraiture, colour and form. Camille’s exposure to art from a young age through her parents influenced her freedom of expression and her unique perception of the world. Her intriguing statements on style, stories and experiences in her work stems from the considered learning and development of her own style. Camille’s commitment to storytelling in her compositions celebrates individuality, which is a core value to the A.A Collective. Camille uncovers with the Aje Report how her relationship between creativity and wellness influences her own self-expression, as she says "creativity and wellness work hand in hand, when I'm at my best I feel the most productive and creative. My practice helps me to find a sense of self, giving me the confidence to express myself and my artistic interests."

Camille wears Logotape Cross Back Sports Bra 305 + High Rise Logotape Legging 204Windbreaker Shirt 406

A.A Ambassador | Textile Artist and Musician Rachel Rutt

Rachel Rutt is a textile artist, musician and model, who teaches workshops for practical mending skills in order to share her knowledge and passion for the meditative qualities of the ‘slow movement’. Rachel’s artistic practice in her workshops, particularly the handmade perspective to her creative processes, encourages others to become more aware of their environmental and social impact. Rachel’s mending workshops are a cultural hub for connectivity and a space to create a meaningful sense of community which underpins the values of the A.A Collective. Rachel shares with the Aje Report what it means to her to be a part of the A.A Collective, as she says "I met Edi and Adrian about 10 years ago on an early look book for the brand. Their generosity and kindness have always stood out to me and genuinely comes across in everything that they do. Whatever incarnation my own work has taken, I’ve always felt welcomed and supported by the Aje family, and being a part of the AJE ATHLETICA Collective feels like an extension of that same goodness."

Rachel wears Windbreaker Shirt 406 + Cross Back Crop Top 301 + High Waisted Belted Shorts 608